Montgomery Alabama Intercontinental Hotel

Montgomery, Alabama is full of historic buildings, surrounded by stunning architecture and beautiful outdoor spaces, with the Montgomery Intercontinental Hotel at the center.

It was here that the Confederate States of America were founded in 1861, and Montgomery became the first capital of a nation not recognized by law. Montgomery, including this magnificent building, was largely spared the conflict until the Union conquered it in 1865. The capital was moved to Richmond, Virginia, a few months later, but Montgomery is best known as the home of the Montgomery Intercontinental Hotel, the oldest hotel in Alabama. For more information on Montgomery's history and historic buildings, visit the Alabama Department of Archives and History.

The Intercontinental Hotel, the oldest hotel in Alabama and one of the largest hotels in the United States, has a long history of controversy.

The hotel's list featured on the front pages of the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Washington Post.

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The Annex in Battle Creek is an ideal place to eat with great views of the Mississippi River and a good selection of restaurants and bars. Best for those staying in the Annex or Marion, which puts it at the top of our list of the best hotels in Montgomery, Alabama. The Annex is the best, with its many restaurants, bars and restaurants, but staying there puts you right in front of one of Alabama's most popular tourist attractions, the Montgomery Zoo.

In addition, the Hickory Street Annex has its own caterer, who has a wide range of restaurants, bars and restaurants to ensure that your taste is in line with Maxwell AFB. Located in the heart of Montgomery, Alabama, just blocks from the Montgomery Zoo, the Gunter Annex is a good and convenient way to get to your office. Located in the center of Easton, PA (Lehigh Valley), the annex of Bank Street, located to the west of the city, adjacent to the University of Pennsylvania campus, offers a variety of great restaurants and bars, as well as great views of downtown and Capitol Hill. Located in the Annex, this hotel is the best for those who need to stay in an Annex to make a short trip to one of Alabama's most popular tourist attractions.

Less than 3 hours drive from Atlanta, Georgia, to Birmingham, Alabama, which serves as a one-day trip for about $1.00.

Stay at the Montgomery Intercontinental Hotel in Montgomery, Alabama, just a short drive from Alabama State Park. In the park, guests can stay at one of the many hotels and restaurants in the area, such as the Montgomery Hotel.

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