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The Family Guidance Center of Alabama is seeking applicants for a full-time position available in its new program that works directly with men and women who are moving from public assistance to greater self-reliance. The Family Counseling Center in Tuscaloosa County, Alabama, is seeking candidates for the position of executive director of a program that works directly for men or women who rely on large amounts of self-reliance from public assistance and is looking for a new position in the program to work directly on their transition.

Preferential qualifications for this position are a bachelor's degree in social work or a related subject such as psychology, sociology or psychology. Successful candidates have at least two years of professional experience in the field of public assistance and / or public service.

Successful candidates should have at least two years of professional experience in the field of public assistance and / or public service. Successful candidates should be motivated, have strong self-esteem and positive attitudes towards others, and be motivated to behave in accordance with the interests of the organization and / or its employees.

If you are a nurse interested in working at CAVHCS, please contact the nurse on 334 - 272 - 4670 ext. Visit the Career Center to view this announcement and complete the necessary materials. If you need more information, you can contact us at 334-272-4670, ext., or by e-mail. The opening hours are Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm and Saturday and Sunday from 12 pm to 4 pm. You can submit your application package at any time except weekends and public holidays.

With the exception of a few health professions, the vast majority of jobs require online applications. Therefore it is important to complete the online application process online, after which you should receive a system - a confirmation email. The "Application Instructions" section of this job advertisement contains instructions for faxing documents, as this is the accepted method of submitting posts in job advertisements. If you are applying for a State Policy Fellowship in Alabama, please complete this application form and submit the required materials.

The physical requirements described here are those that employees must fulfill in order to successfully fulfill the essential functions of the job. If fulfilling these tasks will help us achieve customer service and operational goals, we may ask employees to take on additional tasks in certain situations.

Fixtures and fixtures staff must lift at least 60 pounds, and up to 110 pounds for heavy lifting. The retail employee will perform a number of functions in all areas of the business as required by business requirements. We expect the retail merchant to deal with these tasks during the working hours allotted to him. To ensure a safe and appropriate working environment, we assign you to a specific area and you assume general housekeeping duties within the department.

High-quality areas, including the retail space and toilets, are disinfected to maintain the merchandise, customer and team areas. Cleaning tasks such as dusting, wiping and wiping of worktops and mirrors, refilling of toilet materials, support in the maintenance of goods and customers in the team area, cleaning and dusting of worktops, mirrors and cleaning tasks. The removal and disinfection of raised and end surfaces - retail areas, toilets and the replenishment of toilet supplies - contribute to the maintenance of the goods for customers and the "team area."

Use your best judgment to recognize the extent of your authority, and use all available resources to maintain, enhance, and deepen your commitment to racial justice. Use your ability to accurately record the time when goods are received, selected and shipped, as well as the quantity and quality of the goods. The use of radio frequency units, scanners and CRTs is necessary to operate effectively and to enter data when needed.

ScribeAmerica prohibits workplace harassment based on race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, disability, protected veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or other characteristics protected by applicable law. Alabama Arise is a community, organization or individual united in faith for people in poverty who suffer from state policy choices. We do not discriminate on the basis of race or any other legally protected group status, such as belief or gender or age or disability or in any form, form or form.

This Directive applies to all employment conditions, including wages, working hours, working hours, social benefits, holidays, sick leave and sick pay. Any breach of this policy by a ScribeAmerica employee in the performance of his or her work duties may result in discipline, including dismissal. All employees should be considered responsible for their own health and safety and the safety of their colleagues.

A description of employee benefits is available on the ScribeAmerica website, as well as on our website and social media channels. This is our leadership position, which allows you to get to know our business and at the same time give you the skills to run one of our businesses. You can be selected as a Junior Account Manager or Account Manager based on your experience and skills.